The Homeowner - January 2022

As the frigid winter weather settles in, cozy up and make your home a warm, inviting haven. With these easy winter maintenance tips, you’ll actually look forward to spending more time indoors.


When it comes to creating the perfect cozy winter ambiance, a fireplace is a key component. If your home has a wood-burning fireplace, be sure to regularly clean out any burnt logs or ashes to ensure fires burn safely. Gas fixtures, on the other hand, are notorious for accumulating a foggy film on the inside of the glass. Before cleaning, be sure to switch off the pilot light and gas valve. Then use a dry cloth to dust off the ceramic gas logs and grates and clean doors with fireplace-designated glass cleaner. If your home doesn’t have a built-in fire feature, why not invest in an electric fireplace to add ambiance and reduce the strain on your furnace!


Short, dark winter days are the perfect reason to utilize your home’s lighting to make up for a lack of sunlight. If you’re feeling the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), you can easily create a cozier atmosphere with light fixtures that emit a warm, soft glow. Swap out your regular light bulbs with daylight full spectrum bulbs – they are the closest to resembling true daylight. You might also consider rearranging your lamps to brighten up dark corners or provide extra light for your favourite reading nook.


There’s nothing worse than feeling a cold floor under your frozen, tired feet. After a day in the snow, you’ll want to feel warm and comfortable ground. If your area rugs aren’t positioned in high-traffic living areas, consider moving them around to add a little warmth. This includes your bedroom! Whether you have a carpeted suite or wood floors, an area rug under the bed can be a luxurious addition.

A white fireplace
Family in front of fireplace

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